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29 Aug, 2021

What The Australian Future Of Environmental Consciousness Means For Residential Homes

The minimum benchmarks for energy star ratings on new homes only continue to climb so it’s crucial we make use of the environmental advances on offer in the solar industry. The future of enviro ...

25 Aug, 2021

Which Solar Battery System Is Good For Your Home or Business?

Batteries for solar power systems offer a very reliable solution through which you can power your home or business 24/7 no matter what the sky condition is during the day. There are several solar batt ...

22 Aug, 2021

How To Reduce Your Air Condition Running Costs By 30%

At iinergy we’re proud to provide a broad range of power-saving services designed for energy optimisation for both residential and commercial customers. Including… The COOLNOMIX AC-01 en ...

15 Aug, 2021

Choosing A Quality Solar Provider

At iinergy we don’t cut corners to win a sale instead we thrive on serving you with better advice, tailored systems, on-site visits, personal consultation, low interest, no interest, zero dollar ...

1 Aug, 2021

Our Quality Guarantee

We are passionate about providing renewable and sustainable energy at affordable prices to hardworking Australian families and business owners. To meet this promise, we have built our business on a l ...

27 Jul, 2021

Our Maintenance and Care Offer

At iinergy, we are dedicated to ensuring that your solar system is working to its full potential for the life of your solar system. Our credited Master Electrician technicians offer a variety of solar ...

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