Why Your Business Could Use A Solar Car Park

Do you want to reduce the environmental effects of your business and simultaneously offset your dependency on the grid? Do you want to reduce your electricity bills drastically? If your answer is yes, then the solution is to go solar. Convert your car parking areas into a source of clean and green energy for your organisation.

Here are the top five reasons your business should convert your car park into a  solar car park:

1) Reduce your electricity bills

Electricity prices in Australia are constantly increasing mainly due to conventional ways of generating power becoming more costly. This is quite annoying for businesses due to the continual increase in production and operating costs. A lot of businesses are looking for alternate ways to reduce their electricity costs. The ideal way to reduce your energy cost is to convert parking lots into solar car parks; a viable commercial solar energy optimization solution. In brief, the conversion of your parking lots into a primary source of energy production could reduce up to 50% of your business’s electricity bill as the energy generated by the panels offsets daytime electricity bills.

2) Add value to your property

The conversion of your parking lots into a primary source of clean and green energy adds value to your business and property. The research says that the instalment of a 5KW commercial solar energy solution increases the price of your property by more than $29,000. Moreover, a survey says that 77% of the people surveyed believe that installing solar systems like solar car parks in Brisbane adds value to the credibility and reputability of your organization.

3) Minimum maintenance cost

The most important thing about commercial solar energy solutions is their negligible maintenance cost. Setting up solar car parks is a one-time investment. You do not need to change the electronic components for the next 20 years and these components require minimal maintenance over their life course. You only need to keep the panels clean and resolve any unexpected issues that pop up. This means you can get free energy for the next two decades.

4) Attract and retain clients and staff

The research says that installing solar car parks increases the likelihood of client and staff retention because the solar car parks reflect the organisation’s commitment toward resolving environmental issues. This means solar car parks not only keep the environment clean but also help your organisation to grow.

5) Minimize your organisation’s CO2 emissions

There is constant pressure imposed on businesses to reduce their carbon emissions considering the crisis of global warming and the need to fulfil their ESG compliance as a responsible corporate citizen. Commercial solar parks are not only a source of clean and green energy but also an important tool to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. So, what are you waiting for? Get your solar car park today and play your role in saving the planet from the impending existential threat of climate change.

iinergy is the best solar system service provider in Brisbane. You can contact us for all your customised solar car park requirements, designs, and installation. Get your solar parks today and reduce your energy bills, add value to your property, increase clients and staff retention, and reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions.

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