COOLNOMIX Device for Residential Properties

Do you want to reduce your air conditioning running costs by 30%? Do you want to cut your commercial or residential cooling costs significantly? Most of the energy is consumed by the compressor in air conditioners. A lot of energy is wasted because the compressor runs much longer than needed. You can drastically reduce your electricity bill by optimising the compressor’s energy consumption by installing energy optimization solutions.  COOLNOMIX, a power-saving device, will do that for you.

COOLNOMIX is a power-saving device developed by iinergy. It optimises compressor runtime to deliver savings of 15–40%. Therefore, it is imperative to install energy optimization solutions in residential buildings. Here are the top four reasons why residential premises should have a COOLNOMIX energy optimization solution device installed.

1. Reduces your electricity bill

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s Electricity Price Trends Report states that the average energy bill of a household in Australia is approximately $1776. The report further says that 50% of this bill is incurred because of the cooling devices installed in the houses. Hence, one can drastically reduce their electricity bills by installing energy optimisations solutions such as COOLNOMIX on their cooling devices. This power-saving device can help you reduce your electricity bill by more than 40%. 

2. All refrigerant-based commercial air conditioning installations are compatible

COOLNOMIX is a retrofitting device. It can be easily retrofitted to existing air-con and refrigeration controllers. It is very simple to install and can be installed by a qualified HVAC technician. It will not take more than an hour. Moreover, it is compatible with all kinds of cooling devices that use refrigerant, are controlled by one thermostat, and have one set-point temperature. It works well with split (wall or cassette)/packaged/split duct, VRV/VRF/inverter; single-phase or three-phase; cool only or reverse cycle. Single-stage or dual-stage; air-cooled or water-cooled condensers.

3. Eliminates dripping and icing—even in very high humidity environments

Icing and dripping is a major problem in air conditioners. When an air conditioner is charged with refrigerant incorrectly or is low on refrigerant, the coil around the refrigerant gets cool quickly, and ice starts developing around it. The problem exacerbates when the air is humid. This results in excess water spilling indoors. COOLNOMIX resolves this issue with its precise temperature control system. Hence, it saves the house from water spillage and leakage from air conditioners. 

4. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Efficient air conditioning is not only good for your wallet, but also for planet earth. In the twenty-first century, the world is facing the issue of climate change. Due to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the earth’s average temperature is increasing, this effect is known as global warming. Air-conditioners produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. By using COOLNOMIX, you can reduce energy consumption by air conditioners, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. In this way, you can play your role in saving planet earth. 

Cooling devices contribute heavily to your electricity bills. You can drastically reduce your electricity bill by using energy optimization solutions. Hence, if you are looking for an energy optimization solution to reduce your electricity bill, then COOLNOMIX, designed and developed by iinergy, is the best option.  

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