Value of Solar Farms for Persons Residing on Rural Property

Around two billion people living in rural areas have no or limited access to electricity, according to the Food and Agricultural Department of the United Nations. The major reason for the scarcity of electricity in rural areas is their distance from the main grids, as well as the power distribution companies’ reluctance to install distribution lines because it is not financially viable for them. So, what is the solution? The answer is simple and straightforward: solar farms or solar panels. Even rural areas with access to electricity are shifting toward solar energy for energy optimisation solutions and to take advantage of its multiple benefits.

Some of these benefits are discussed in this article.

Save money on power bills

The cost of electricity is skyrocketing with every passing day. Electricity is mostly produced using fossil fuels like gas, diesel, and petrol. When the price of petrol and diesel goes up, the price of electricity goes up. According to the AEMC Annual Electricity Price Trend Report 2020, the average electricity bill in Brisbane is $1,334/year. That is huge. In this context, the usage of solar panels is one of the most economical energy optimisation solutions in Brisbane. As a cherry on top, you can sell the excess energy to the grids and make money. So, if you are planning to install solar panels to reduce your electricity bills, then iinergy is the most credible and reliable service provider in Brisbane.

Low Maintenance

Another interesting thing about solar panels is that they require a one-time investment. Once you have installed them, you don’t need to spend much on maintenance. By investing once in energy optimisation solutions like solar panels, you can enjoy free electricity for years. The maintenance of solar panels is very low-cost because they are comprised of solar panels, wires, and battery storage. The likelihood of these components failing is extremely low.

Energy output guarantee of 25 years

Another important aspect of solar panels is their lifetime. Once you install a good quality solar panel, you don’t need to replace or change it for the next 25 years. This means that with a one-time investment; you can have free electricity and peace of mind for the next 25 years. This saves you from the headache of paying bills every month. This also protects you from fear of a hike in electricity prices. This gives you energy independence. So, use the services of iinergy to install a solar system in Brisbane.

Enhanced power capacity for activities undertaken currently on the farm

In addition, the usage of solar systems gives you more independence and frees you from the worries of colossal and exorbitant bills. This consequently enhances the capacity of the activities you carry out on your farm, day in, day out.

Reduce carbon footprints and save the planet earth

Last but not the least, the burning of fossil fuels for electricity production produces a lot of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming. Using solar panels reduces carbon emissions and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change, ultimately saving the planet.

Solar panels have multiple benefits over grid electricity. Now is the right time to shift to green energy. So, if you are planning to instal a solar system in Brisbane, then iinergy is your go-to place for all your energy optimisation solutions.

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