Which Solar Battery System Is Good For Your Home or Business?

Batteries for solar power systems offer a very reliable solution through which you can power your home or business 24/7 no matter what the sky condition is during the day. There are several solar battery solutions that suit various needs and budgets. The key is to understand what these different types of batteries are and how these suit your individual needs.

If you are interested in maintenance-free solar batteries with high performance and service life, the lithium-ion battery is the right choice for you. As a more contemporary technology, lithium batteries have become more and more popular, especially in recent years. The reason for this increased popularity is that these batteries are generally more powerful and lithium prices have fallen sharply. Nowadays these are used in smartphones, laptops and electric cars. The lithium solar battery is superior compared to lead-acid batteries with 5,000 - 7,000 full charge cycles versus 2,000 to 4,000 cycles for lead batteries and longer service life of approximately 20 years compared to 10 years with conventional lead-acid batteries. Despite the higher initial cost, lithium-ion batteries are definitely on the rise and becoming more popular year after year. As early as 2015, 90% of the storage systems were powered by lithium batteries.

Currently, iinergy provides 3 battery pack solutions for both residential and commercial solar power systems in the Brisbane area.

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a lithium solar battery storage system and a revolutionary battery pack with one of the largest energy capacities available on the market today. When integrated with a solar power system, the Tesla Powerwall 2.0 stores excess solar energy generated during the daytime and releases the power when needed. This keeps the home self-powered through outages while minimizing reliance on the grid. Combined with solar panels, it provides an incredible energy storage solution capable of storing energy at home, detecting outages, and automatically supplying a home’s energy when the grid is down. The Tesla Powerwall provides a cost-effective and reliable sustainable energy storage solution that can be counted upon when you need it most.  

Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS is also a great option when it comes to solar batteries for your home. The Alpha ESS provides an all-in-one solution which includes a hybrid inverter, a battery management system and a storage unit which can have modules attached to it. Further, the Lithium-Ion battery pack compatible with the Alpha is available in a variety of capacities and comes with extensive warranties. The overall design is very elegant and eco-friendly. All in all, the Alpha ESS provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for storing solar-generated electrical power.

Redback technologies

Redback Technologies is an Australian company that manufactures solar batteries specifically tailored to the Australian weather. These batteries, backed by University of Queensland research are designed to provide uninterrupted backup despite the hot and harsh weather conditions of Australia. The battery pack offers an integrated, uninterrupted power supply feature along with remote updates on the status and condition of the batteries.  

If you are considering installing a battery pack in your home, talk to the team at iinergy to decide which battery pack is right for you and your home. With over 30 years of combined experience in the solar power industry you can be sure you are receiving, timely, trustworthy and reliable advice. 

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