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5 Dec, 2021

COOLNOMIX Device for Residential Properties

Do you want to reduce your air conditioning running costs by 30%? Do you want to cut your commercial or residential cooling costs significantly? Most of the energy is consumed by the compressor in air ...

5 Dec, 2021

Why Your Business Could Use A Solar Car Park

Do you want to reduce the environmental effects of your business and simultaneously offset your dependency on the grid? Do you want to reduce your electricity bills drastically? If your answer is yes, ...

5 Dec, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Solar Power Panels

Solar panels make up a substantial chunk of the financial investment when it comes to installing a solar power system at your home or office. Naturally, you’d expect a certain amount of reliability ...

7 Nov, 2021

Value of Solar Farms for Persons Residing on Rural Property

Around two billion people living in rural areas have no or limited access to electricity, according to the Food and Agricultural Department of the United Nations. The major reason for the scarcity of ...

14 Sep, 2021

How We Guarantee Your Return On Investment

The only way to ensure the solar service solution for your home or business meets your long-term financial returns and energy expectations is to meet with you on-site, review your location, orientatio ...

5 Sep, 2021

How A Solar System Can Improve Your Home's Value And Desirability When The Time Comes To Sell

It’s a well-known fact in the real estate industry that a home with a solar system will sell faster and at a higher price than homes without a system installed. At iinergy, we help homeowners u ...

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