At iinergy we are dedicated to ensuring that your solar system is working to its full potential for the life of your solar system. Our credited Master Electrician technicians offer a variety of solar services that keep your system in top condition.

Emergency Solar Repairs
Technicians on call for any emergency solar repairs when you need it most.

Inverter Replacement
We deal with all major Inverter brands and handle the warranty documentation process.

Solar Service
Yearly servicing on your system so it’s working to its full capacity for as long as possible.

Solar Panel Service & Clean
Dirty panels can cause a loss of 20%. We use the latest products to keep your panels sparkling clean.

Solar Audit
If you have had a system installed by another company we are happy to provide an independent audit.

Power Bill Analysis
Power bills are confusing. We are experts at finding savings for you.

Care & maintenance Care & maintenance iinergy


Save Money
Based on the size of your solar system, your energy usage and where you live, an iinergy solar system can help you reduce or even eliminate your power bills and drastically reduce your vulnerability to the price hikes in energy destined to come.

Add Value to Your Property
A recent survey conducted by Origin Energy found that 77% of Australians believe that solar panels add value to a property. Estimates suggest that a 5kw installation can increase your property’s value by approximately $29,000.


Cost of Solar is at an All-Time Low
Production and installation costs for solar have reduced dramatically in the past 10 years. Combine this with Government rebates and feed-in tariffs, in addition to our interest-free payment plans and no upfront cost to realise peak accessibility.

Low Maintenance
Solar power systems require minimal maintenance, with most electronic components being ideally maintenance free, however, we are on hand at any time to keep your panels clean and attend to anything unexpected.

Our Expertise

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To begin the journey to a new solar system in Brisbane or Newcastle, the process begins with your custom proposal and in-person site survey. We provide a detailed analysis of your system layout, cost and savings benefit, performance estimate, energy offset, preferred solar panel and other equipment, timeline to completion and financing options.


Our team builds and installs solar systems focused on craftsmanship with minimal disruption to your home or work schedule. We do not subcontract any portion of the solar service. Rest assured, every team member attending your job is a full time, fully trained employee of iinergy.


We monitor solar panel performance to ensure they deliver optimal output every day. If we detect an issue, we address it. In addition, your new system can include a web-based application so that you can monitor your savings in real-time at any time.